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workshop autunno 2014

“L’Arte del ritratto”

workshop Creativo esperienziale

teacher: Ilaria Berenice

Un nuovo corso rinnovato di 4 incontri sul ritratto

(le immagini del corso precedente)

Far emergere la creatività, tramite stimoli pilotati, incentives to investigate and develop their personal expression.


We scour moments of technique and discovery material to focus on the expression of the face through the sign and the search for their own individual style or trend.

It then tries to evade the mind and rationality through special exercises, so as to allow your artist to come out highlighting the most instinctive and intuitive of his being, in a search for expression of your personal style.

Explore the face in its relationship with the expression and then with the soul.

Le date sono:

Tuesday 30 – 7 – 14 – 21 September.

Costo del workshop inclusi i materiali: 70€


City Art

Via Dolomiti 11 Milano (MM1 Turro)

Ilaria Berenice has always felt the need to express myself and create, expressing themselves through dance during adolescence, then living for music, traveling around the world and finally starting to paint in Brasile.Nella painting she likes to combine different techniques or create its own, and sometimes even combine different creative, as in the series 4 Hands. His training has gone through different languages, from the study of anthropology and ethnology at the University of Siena and then traveling, living mainly between Italy, la Spagna e il Brasile.Tornata in Italia, has made numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries, foundations, bistros and cultural associations.Testimonianze del corso precedente:

“Ilaria was able to lead us beyond the rational….finding ourselves our being…divine sign!!!! Hello Ilaria you…it was nice to your project…..I enjoyed!!!!” Paolo Pompei

“Call this workshop in a sentence “short but intense”. For me it was a space to express myself and to learn more about the technique but also on myself…” Lucia Quixote

“This workshop has encouraged me to explore different avenues, I realized that my approach to painting has changed in a positive way” Pietro Frassica

“I'm glad I participated in the workshop and for the work we have done for the results obtained…. the experiences that you have made us are very interesting because they showed a method to work on creativity and a sign to give space to freedom of expression that the reason imprisons ..we have given a 'method’ and done 'experience’ that it is possible to characterize our designs with our personality. Beautiful the idea of ​​hanging and leave hanging the work of each in order to see its path and notice the rise of a 'character and expressiveness unique for each of us. It seems to me that we all enjoyed.” Elisabetta Boldrin

“In the workshop I had a great, I learned to work on gaps, whereas before I tended to fill all, it is as if we were already on the sheet the complete works. Ilaria taught you that there is no difference between the white of the paper and the white expanse that is inside us and this is revolutionary, and I remained puzzled.” Samuel Polish paolucci


Tuesday 30 September, 7 e 14 ottobre dalle ore 19.30 to 22.00, and Sunday 19 ottobre dalle 15.00 to 18.00.

total cost: 70,00 € which includes membership association for insurance coverage and course material.

for info:

City Art Via Dolomiti 11 Milano

Metropolitan (MM1 Turro)
Phone. 0287167065 Mobile. 3357689814

Ilaria Berenice email: info@ilariaberenice.com Mobile: 349 6078972

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