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Chronicle of a year lived intensely

In mid-September 2002 a group of local artists have come together to create a poster against war.
Written by the poet Fabio Pusterla text was immediately signed by different personalities of the Canton.
Angelo Caruso coordinator sitart provides pages of the website documenting the whole operation.
On October 8, the initiative is presented to the press in Lugano Ticino, Library Salita dei Frati, Fabio Pusterla, Gianluigi Bellei and Flavia Zanetti in the presence of other artists.
An’ initiative fast, because it is made in just three weeks, slight, because behind it has no established structure, autonomous, because outside parties or coalitions.
Adhesions are then increased exponentially and in the meantime the system outlined constructive event.
The group organizer, during the preparatory meetings, after having examined all proposals received (an exhibition with international artists, an exhibition with all the artists who signed, no shows ...) decides that at this time the artists must step aside with humility.
Remains the concept of signatures that serves as the basis for taking the initiative forward:
a poster with inserted signatures and a structure to be signed to draw attention.
The graph Daniele Garbarino then gives visual form to the text, inserting the actual signatures of the first members, with a poster printed format worldwide. The poster is hung around the canton Ticino Monday 25 Novembre but the 12 January 2003.
The Pinacoteca home Rusca Locarno from 24 Novembre all’ 8 December is presented the first event that uses a cubic structure of two meters in which all are invited to sign it.
The structure, located inside the art gallery, on the one hand encourage reflection of the individual visitor and the other represents opportunity to get together with respect of’ commitment.
The’ event is then brought to the Swiss Cultural Centre in Milan from 13 to 21 December and is presented by Domenico Lucchini, Gianluigi Bellei, Alberto Nessi and Mimmo Rotella.
In January he moved to Ferrara at the Teatro degli Inediti presented by’ Head of Culture and Alberto Ronchi Angela Good;
in February in Ravenna at Studio Sumithra with interventions Rosetta Berardi, Elettra Stramboulis and Loretta Zaganelli;
in March in Faenza to the Municipal Palace by Claudio Rochini Youth Politics, Giordano Sangiorgi house of Music and Angelo Caruso;
Modena in the City Library Dolphins by Nadia Cavalera and Leonarda Leonardi;
in late March in Cesano Boscone to Town Hall presented by the mayor Bruna Brembilla.
Many cities that were booked to host the CUBE: Florence, Rome, Naples, Policoro in Lucania, Lamezia Terme in Calabria, Nuoro, Genoa and many others who were organizing.
Meanwhile the war against Iraq begins and ends.
A few dozen deaths by the Anglo-American, unnumbered Iraqi casualties.
The state “scoundrel” and dangerous falls apart almost immediately; are not found the infamous weapons of mass destruction and soon after there has been a rise in suicide bombings.
The rest is the chronicle of these days: injured, health problems and humanitarian ...
The group “Artists for Peace” decides to close this first phase of the game where it was: The Pinacoteca Casa Rusca Locarno.
The cube is again placed in the Gallery Thursday 22 May 2003 now full of names and a history behind that is testimony choral -small and fragmentary- of a larger world movement that has since given voice dissent.
At this point the commitment must be solidarity with the victims of the war.
He decides to support them materially by Emergency, the non-governmental organization which from the beginning has expressed opposition to armed intervention.
Emergency builds and operates hospitals for the wounded and emergency surgical, centers of physical rehabilitation of landmine victims, the first aid posts, health centers, form local personnel and implements humanitarian assistance to prisoners. There is, among other things in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sierra Leone and Iraq from 1995 e più precisamente Zalm, Erbil to Diana.
The 7 June from hours 14 the cube is cut into square of 40 inches and put on sale. The full amount is paid to Emergency that is fr 960.- e 70 euro.
In the event of Locarno participates Giorgio Raineri, Emergency contact person for projects in Sierra Leone.
All'happening contributed with a performance Cristina Zenari and percussion Ivano Torre and many other artists.
Were some who wanted the palette may require

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