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The background is a house of railing, in the district Turro in Milan, center successful integration of multiple ethnic communities; the subjects are the people who dwell in this place "cradle" of the differences (Chinese,Peruvian, Pakistanis, Italian, Filipinos etc ..) FOR THREE DAYS attractions are the works that become the point of contact between a diversity and the other. Sitart thirty artists involved in the creation of site-specific works that will transform the neighborhood and multiethnic in a theater of the unexpected, where tenants, spectators and onlookers have fun.
TURRO becomes a mirror of the city post- contemporary, with events SHOWING as respect for differences is OPERA and ACTION culture. Stepping through the front door of the austere tenement, characterized by a banner decorated with writings INHABITANTS, symbol of international art. In this house of railing the voyeur turn lose the eye along the balconies and going from one floor to another, from the attic to the cellar, observed that the works interact with the space, opening ourselves to reflections on the meaning of the other. We will travel with the fantasy of colorful objects, things-finding of industrial civilization, caps, aromas of cooking, written, clothes hanging DECORATED with written, flakes, banners polychrome, dinner tables, sounds and popular music and spicy foods, so we will experience the atmosphere of a block party with art, that will allow us to find new meanings, matches, similarities and common values ​​between different ethnic groups.
Come? Having fun, becoming spectators-protagonists of a unique staging possibility of exchanges and relations between DIFFERENT "Southern Hemisphere, "Other" becomes "we" means works, installations, video, photographs as metaphors, symbols, paradoxes and also provocations "dada" that configure multiple "human conditions", which we hope will be less and less conditioning. Contact is an opportunity for an addictive game between different ethnic groups, to stimulate curiosity about the differences, to enter the homes of neighbor, that comes from afar, marveling have all in common sensitivity, emotions and desires. And here "Cont'art" staging combinatorial possibilities to exchange stereotypes, overthrow rites and myths, of different cultures, choosing a place to Cairo: former outskirts of Milan and the center of integration self. All of us, curious as children,we will go in search of installations scattered in the tenement-art gallery. So between a work and the other will cross worlds, between different cultures, places and spaces, soliciting reflections on internationalism and curiosity of creativity and the common desire of men to share experiences, occasions and emotions.
The viewer will be the work and installations tools emotional and cultural factors that interact with the space, l'tenant, amplifiers social developments that drive the Quarter, turning it into a kaleidoscope of human experience. Yes breathe an air of celebration, where art configures a microworld of "globalization" success, thanks to the solidarity and tolerance that are the key to the interpretation of the dream of living in respect for differences.

Therefore, Contact art and have fun right away!

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