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MArt Week

MArt Week


installazioni, territory, landscape

Scarica la Call Under 35

Sarica la Call senza limiti di età



Milan is undergoing a slow but already visible metamorphosis, with the specific objective of enhancing the less central places, increasingly active centers of exchange and fusion between cultures, different religions and traditions. The Association City Art Space with the Dolomites and its exhibitions, workshops and public art event which promotes, It pursues the aim of bringing citizens closer to the multifarious artistic expressions.


Mart Week is the first edition of an event aimed at enhancing the semi-central and peripheral areas of the city of Milan, transforming the Martesana Canal in extensive environmental work. Starting from the concept of flexibility and liquidity in which water invites, The Martesana is transformed for a few days in a perfect creativity transmission channel, with the goal of uniting art, peculiarities of the place, exploration of the territory.


Where Is That

Mart Week runs along the Martesana by Cassina de 'Pomm in Melchiorre Gioia until the Amphitheater Martesana, First step to get to other locations in the future.


The event will take place from Thursday 8 see you on Sunday 11 giugno 2017


The art installations Mart Weekend dramatize the decentralized urban locations, with the idea of ​​widespread museum on the territory, hosting environmental works, performance and creating rest areas, signs through art that highlight the uniqueness of the landscape in the respect of the public space.

Per 4 days will be stationed site-specific installations in farms, city, bridges, ancient farmhouses, courtyards and public gardens that flank the canal, visions that integrate with the environment without changing the landscape.

In addition to the temporary nature of the events that will be proposed, it also provides for the possible realization of permanent installations along the route, interventions shared with the people and institutions. It is not impossible, indeed, that the dramatic interplay of the artists with the landscape, with the context and local residents, can promote artistic intuitions that leave a permanent contribution to the city.



Le installazioni saranno selezionate mediante due procedure differenti:

4 verranno scelte mediante una call, (scarica la Call) dedicated to young artists and creative people under 35, or collective composed mostly of under 35; other 4 lavori (scarica la Call aperta a tutti) saranno selezionati dalla giuria, senza limiti di età, dietro presentazione di un progetto.

The artists "will map" Small said the canal with works that transform it into a public space for art and used free of charge. The works located along the canal will create hinge locations in the balance between game, Street furniture, communication and culture of the city, Milan equipping of a new creative hub.



Mart Weekend measure out work after work a trip to the discovery of a green-sprawl around urban centers, catching up identity pre-industrial agricultural dormant in our memory. This meta-physical and emotional journey along the Martesana Canal on the trail of a green ring spread, unknown, It aims at the rediscovery of the water channeling, nature and history that characterizes the identity of another Milano.

Mart Weekend toward knowing, exploration and contemplation of the cultural heritage and local development, as an essential condition for the protection and regeneration of the landscape, acting in places, neighborhoods, villages.

The project, which combined with greater environmental awareness and heritage landscapes enhances the social use of visual arts, tip of the fun in the sharing of common experiences. So it will help to raise awareness Milano also to new citizens, from around the world, in a renewed perspective of protection and enhancement, directed to work in Community and Local mode.

Mart Weekend measure the flow of creativity in Milan and become a social thermometer that records levels of integration of its citizens with a playful approach, original and still to be explored.

The Martesana become the public park for excellence, a "tranche" of widespread Museum, its aquifers channels and location of works on land for different inspiration, shape, content and materials, define a visible stream of fictional creativity between the environment and the communities that trace the emotional landscape of the future, investing in the participation and sharing of people to feel for the place.


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