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9 giugno 2013


Il Consiglio di Zona 2 del Comune di Milano

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City Art



9 giugno 2013

Piazza Piccoli Martiri




Il Ponte Vecchio sul Naviglio Martesana adiacente alla Piazza Piccoli Martiri è uno delle più suggestive cartoline presenti nella zona 2 di Milano.
The charm of the place is one of the small village that has marked the history of the neighborhood Gorla.
The day is an opportunity for local residents and all citizens who routinely strolling to the Martesana, to know, exchange ideas, meet. The spark triggering is the art which compares with the territory and public space, looking for new perspectives and relationships.
Lia pine occupies the square with the installation "Garden circular" work on the conversion of use of fruit boxes that decontextualized, acquistano un’altra valenza simbolica: bearers of vital energies enclosed in a space as the square.

Students of the Art School Caravaggio present a photo exhibition "History and memory of the neighborhood" which documents a workshop with photographer Livio Senigalliesi on the monument in Piazza Small Martyrs in memory of the child victims of the bomb to the Elementary School "Francesco Crispi".

The Workshop, will discover the "footprints and reliefs" using their hands and the clay, to capture footsteps, footprints, traces of the body and the objects that surround the Naviglio, creating bas-reliefs and clay tiles. Surfaces will be covered, to touch, by stroking, well as see. The afternoon creative, led by Christian Flores, wants to uncover the processes of the contemporary artist who is confronted with the most unusual materials and techniques.

Wrap in a happy and friendly the Performance of Duccio Santini and Sofia Sguanci that in a duet alto Sax will perform a repertoire of early music and Baroque.

Headline: M RTesana
Daytime: 9 June day DomenicAspasso
Installation and exhibition by 10 to 20
The workshop and music from 15 to 19
Place: Small Martyrs Square - Martesana
Freight: MM1 Gorla

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