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Multiculturalism Housing Project Contact unites two different contexts thematic research and urban practice: the visual culture of the territory and the allocation of the ethnic communities of the city which is rarely examined the specific interaction despite the copious production of critical and theoretical debates on contemporary metropolis.

The character of the whole route socio-visual Humana, articulating the iconic language according to the "different" practices of settlement on the territory, guide the urban nomad through a city without end increasingly characterized by metroluoghi, large commercial spaces, public architecture, variety of ethnic communities.

An itinerary in the city post-modern that addresses, with a conceptual interdisciplinary, the overall theme of the observation visual spaces contemporary urbanity and its components multicultural, nowadays, are of great interest both in purely visual terms of sociological inquiry.

The mode of interaction between social life and represented new spatial forms of multiculturalism living seem come to a turning point that, dawn of the third millennium, outline a network iperurbano characterized by local settlement practices with global cultural links .

The relationship between global and local communities is nomadità, therefore, the interface methodological Project Contact whose research on the socio-view seems to confirm that the only cognitive strategy that remains to imagine, as well as to read the "urban diversity", lies in the crop to specific local, defining a certain space of the contemporary metropolis as a place of interest and intervention socio-artistic.

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