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Anna Finetti L’anima nascosta



exhibition by Anna Finetti

Texts in the catalog of Eleonora Fiorani and Andrea Lacarpia

Opening Wednesday 26 marzo h 18.00

Fino al 12 April 2014

From the text of Eleonora Fiorani: "The works of Anna Finetti, show that there is no other presence that as the tree, the largest and most majestic of the living and the closer to heaven, is so full of mythologies, meanings, symbols, metaphors, allegories and that fills our individual and collective life and that profound civilizations, it features stories, imaginary, dreams, nightmares.

And that is a familiar and everyday and simultaneously evokes a feeling of a mysterious presence, where dreams and reality intrude into each other, while it is one with the universe symbolic of a culture, it embodies the collective values ​​and their scope logical and practical to become the ritual center and the source and sense of legitimacy territorial. And the rest of the companies are the symbiosis between the structure of the territory and the men, animals and plants that inhabit it, thus establishing an ecosystem of parallel lives.

E 'is the object of the search for Anna Finetti and alluded to, with photographs and installations by interweaving the stories and narratives of myths with neuroscience that the plants are studying the structure, sensibility, intelligence, behavior, interactions with the environment and other living, as if to each other and each with their own languages ​​tell of the same "truth" lost, Forgot, hidden in the cosmos and life. So that through science we could pull over and re-learn what the myths already knew and told in a language that no longer belongs, but that has never ceased to enchant us and resonate within us as if deep in it intuissimo its scope of truth.

The hearkens with paint, draw symbols on its leaves, photographing trees and herself with them, evoking their being the connection between the orders of the cosmos and the source and repository of life, death, rebirth, and forms populated by gods, traveled by shamans, Anna Finetti take in the value of a rite. The look for the hidden soul and lost language is also, I would say, the desire to make it the same plant, become the rustling of the leaves, the wind that penetrates between the branches, to be one of the many mysterious creatures and presences that populate its branches, the interstices of its bark and roots of the underworld ... "


From the text of Andrea Lacarpia: “The increasingly urgent need to find a still seen as consistent Gestalt of man, society and the cosmos, bound together by an order at the same time transcendent and immanent, Anna Finetti responds with an artistic research in which converge quotes from spiritual traditions of different places of the world and personal insights and experiences, in which such knowledge found concrete expression”. As if to deepen all the semantic possibilities of each thematic area, the artist's works are divided into different series, left free to flow to new development opportunities. Studies on the continuity between the body and the external environment in the years that have dominated much of his research, in the exhibition arrive to a reading of the plant world that combines the scientific approach of biology and knowledge hermetic, linguistic codes seemingly distant. In the leaves of different trees, the artist identifies the genetic code underlying their existence, their hidden soul, expressing figuratively with small holes etched on the surface of the plant and arranged to reveal in it some of the archetypes that form the alphabet of existence. The image formed on the leaf is visible only in backlight, suggesting the enigmatic nature of knowledge hermetic, which tends to hide to prove only to those who want to learn with patience and humility. The artistic career of Anna Finetti, that as an alchemist seeking the philosopher's stone that cures the ills that reside deep, along the road of the awakening of spiritual energy, kept in the physical body as a temple that hides to preserve ... "

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