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A group of artists gather to celebrate the centenary of Dada.

No Dadaists and even antiDada.

What motivates them is the spirit Chest.

To return the conflict in art and reintroduce the insolence, finally free from the market, the institutions and all that can block creativity, the invention and the festive coexistence of all beings of creation.

It is an attempt to reconnect to the divine to build a new sacred art.

Talk face to face with God.

Numerous events are planned for 2016: anyone who wants to join is welcome.

Are required: 1. Boldness 2. Professionalism Byzantine 3. Archaic sacredness


Dada evening 19 Dicembre 2015

Hours 19.00 Opening with original movies dada

Hours 19.30 Nicola Di Caprio & Friend “Ballroom Performance” (performance, musica) 10 minutes

Presentation Evening

Prof.ssa Jacqueline Ceresoli, Giorgio Bulzi

Hours 20.00 Valentina Church, Giulia Curti, Alessia Ferrarini, Riccardo Rossi " All down underground” (performance, action) 10 minutes

Hours 20.15 Fabio Volpi, Rosarita Cristafi AT (videos and music) 10 minutes

Hours 20.30 Brigadier Mickey "Moira’s Dream”, (action, performance) 10 minutes

Break / Interval

Hours 21.15 Nicola Frangione, (Action Poetry – Reading performance with transversal Video-Sonore) 10 minutes

Hours 21.30 Federica Antonini, Andrea Dal Martello, Gianluca Fonderico, Letizia Iman, Miriam Tinto “Everywhere” (action, performance) " Ex-Empty” (installation) 10 minutes

Hours 21.45 Briseart, Valentina Bulzi, Stefano Delgaste “Dada e Umpa – the fleetingness of art” (dance, theater, performance) 10 minutes

Hours 22.00 Giorgio Bulzi “Canto Notturno Shaman Errante” (Shinto rite of exorcism art)

Download locandinaDADA

Video of the evening “Preview DADA City Art” edited by silverdreamer1889


Performance di Nicola Di Caprio


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