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On the Day of Contemporary Art organized by hammock, City Art presents:


art as Performative Approach In Relationships Adult / Child

Project created by Elizabeth Oneto

text by Alessia Locatelli.

from 6 to 20 October 2012


“Understand what art is a concern (useless) adult. Understanding how you do it is instead a genuine interest of the child” Bruno Munari.

La performance ha permesso l’esplorazione di orizzonti che non avremmo creduto accessibili nell’Arte.

The free use of the body, the relationship with the spaces and the involvement of "other people" I conjure up some rituals of ancestral derivation, such as shamanic or dances of "tarantolate" Southern Italy.

An ancient bond that performance has been able to not only rework the light of a historical, but above decline in cross-cutting themes and contemporary, ranging from positions more intimate exploration of the self, the social protest.

La vicinanza di questa modalità di fare arte alle teoriche filosofiche postmoderne ne ha ulteriormente accentuato l’efficacia comunicativa, weaving and contaminating knowledge, disciplines and experiences.

Curiosity interdisciplinary, combined with an artistic curriculum that focuses from 1995 Share-type installative and performative, ha permesso ad Elisabetta Oneto di lanciare questo progetto che ha trovato negli spazi di CityArt la sua realizzazione.

Il campo d’indagine di Elisabetta racchiude elementi di attenzione verso lo spazio pubblico, le relazioni umane, la poesia: un connubio notevolmente stimolante che – applied to the issue of children and parent / child relationship – enhances the features of the most entertaining search.

Starting point of the work is the involvement in the performance of a group of artists parents (or relatives) e dei loro bambini. Il figlio di artista è generalmente orientato a una maggiore creatività e libero uso dei mezzi espressivi: the son of art assimilates unconsciously creative stimuli derived from having an adult next-driving with his tools.

La relazione con l’adulto si mostra qui attraverso il “lavoro a quattro mani” sul progetto. Ciò permette un duplice livello di lettura delle performances che si terranno nello spazio espositivo: collaboration between child and adult figure, che svela molteplici dinamiche di relazione a livello di gioco e di struttura cognitiva, and the prospect purely aesthetic object created, fruit of the collaboration of both worlds – one adult art meditated and that of "free creativity" childish, free of all forms of categorization - oriented on the guidelines provided in the project of the parent.

Bruno Munari, with the sentence which I decided to open this text, is one of the main referents in the context of the active involvement of children in art. In its laboratories, from 1977 Brera, forgot every type of tax morale to give free rein to the senses, experience, alla sperimentazione. Of course the end of the master, in addition to eradicate the outdated mode of approach to art to make it more pleasant, was to: "Promote knowledge and understanding of the techniques of expression and artistic communication, so that we can benefit from it with greater awareness and critical spirit " (Association B.Munari).

Awareness and critical spirit remain, in my opinion, the basic elements to be contemplated in the construction of the existence of a human being. For this, today more than yesterday, you need to develop in adults of tomorrow the ability to assess their surroundings independently and thorough.

Each artist will put his work in connection with the concept of pure creation of children; Eva Reguzzoni and Matilde, for example, will work on the subject of the mother / daughter, developing the "Vestindumenti". Starting from the consideration of dress as thin wrapper that hides and reflects the femininity, Eva will provide the two-dimensional track starting from where the girl will start later to explore his creativity, ampliando l’abito in relazione al segnodell’adulto/Eva. The family Arosio, with her three children: Martino, Simon and Samuel, recreate a mapping emotional memories through an installation flavor teaching, which will correspond to each object / camera / design, relating to the history of the family, explanatory text.

Not wanting to reveal all the projects preview, I add only that the artists involved have, each through its mode of expression, generated "installation situations" in which visitors can both interact and move among the works on display, that deepen his personal experience of relationship adulthood / infancy inside the household. As pedagogy emphasizes, this core is of fundamental importance in the development, as primary sphere of interaction of the child.

Alessia Locatelli


Ruben and Elisabetta Oneto;

Matilde and Eva Reguzzoni;

Samuel and Fedora Deidda;

Chiara and Giulia Meregalli;

Elijah and Myuki Ikeda

Agata and Cristina Cherchi

Naima and Valeria Coen

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