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Beppe Carrino Scritture del corpo


Scriptures of the body


Beppe Carrino

text by Vittorio Raschetti

The signs in the skin, furrowed on the surface of the body tell the evolution of the species, of each individual stories, reveal the character of the person and maybe keep the key of the destinies of man. The body becomes writing.

Friday 9 May at 18,00

Fino al 24 May 2014

The “Scriptures of the body” are imprints of life bound in volume, not relegated to the margins, saved from oblivion, stolen invisibility. Leafing through the pages, scrolling the forest traces emerge on paper touched by signs emerged, You hear a compositional process of formal simplification of figuration, in order to translate, on the surface of the paper abstract and immaculate white, all the intensity and primordial muddy the silent language of the body. Persistence of the body, and focused on areas of high sensitivity somatized, in search of the original dignity of the human even before the identity of the person.

It is not withdrawal from the world and relocation in the sphere of art according to the logic of the Dadaist collage: more than found objects, find topic, a subject helped re-be in the opaque mirror of the page that absorbs, that captures the image and ejects only a part for the whole: a track, a reference to presence-absence. A slow drying of leaves footprints that look a fossil deposit Body. From the primordial mud dust of signs increasingly rarefied and almost scratched, abraded in pure intertwining lines of a watermark of vibrations, woven into a drafting weaves below a zone of simple definition of the image that suggests a game of pure energy of movement. A tremor intrinsic illuminates the subtle nerve fibers of the hands by drawing a map of Disquiet. A legible allusions, for tension lines febrile. Subcutaneous transient impulses that create subtle ties, attractions overlaps sudden… Hands knead life, sometimes rejected as plague-stricken, but ennobled in attention span and appropriation art, without being manipulated by the illusion of ambition.

The courage not to hide his hands behind his back, but to make them available to offer to read as destiny written in the drawing esoteric lines of life, death, love.

Footprints lame stumble on a barbed wire, trampling border territories, crossing fields politically undermined, pointing to actions outside the field of view. Accettare il nomadismo dell’arte spogliandosi di appartenenze consolidate, frequentando incroci di civiltà, costellazioni di marginalità, rivelando i manierismi e i travestimenti etnografici e psichiatrici esposti all’espiazione dello stigma sociale.

To Carrino is a phenomenological approach even before ethnological: to interact without interfering, include without recludere, participate without decrypting, reaching out beyond the fences of protection attending the unusual, which is the raw material of art to be, before being art.

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