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Catia Canozzi At-ti-mo



exhibition Catia Canozzi

Very short space of time, instant, time; often felt as elusive or unrepeatable.
Snatch, grab the moments, interpret them and return them by making them visible.

from 7 to 15 November 2014

Moment (At-ti-mo) is a collection of works that allows us to get an overview of the creative moments of Catia Canozzi.Le works Moments, moments as a short breath in which the artist captures signals, feelings, feelings and turns them into images making them visible, sometimes with dramatic, sometimes with irony. E 'for the case, almost with one eye, the artist captures the moment of disappointment of those who once again scratched and did not win, or the serene tiredness of an elderly that has dragged on the balcony. Observes a woman at the door of a room and shares the strong emotion of expectation that stops on the canvas: few gestures essential to make the essential visible to the eyes. Peeking through the windows of a bar, or the window of a house and notice an empty bottle and a face emptied, finally sleepy.

His characters are only on canvas, bodies restrained by boundaries drawn with bold strokes, so they will not fade away, in order not to leave them permanently floating and losing in a background that is not more figurative and abstract is not yet. The representation is a space on the border between image and perception perceived view. Is in a space / time (the) where pain and joy, serenity and anger are trying to reach in a breath.

There is a background, an environment, a foothold for the observer. Disappears perspective, the depth of the space. The artist takes us on a dimension of balance exhausting, flights down, and dances and hugs and gestures irreverent.

Catia Canozzi was formed between the '80s and' 90s and graduated in painting at the Art Institute of Lucca and then in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.

Alternating periods in which he devoted himself to one or the other form of expression, has participated in several group exhibitions, coming last year with a first solo exhibition in Pietrasanta and now in Milan.


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