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Che Lin | The world of fragrance



Che Lin | The world of fragrance

by Andrea Lacarpia

from 24 to 29 ottobre

The human story is always accompanied by the need to transcend mundane reality to enter the spiritual dimension, where the existence reveals his metaphysical essence.

The redundancy of the images, of sounds and words that determine the life of contemporary man, saturate the senses reducing the ability to perceive the more subtle stimuli, the impalpable epiphanies of beauty that show the soul serene.

In their paintings, What is the Chinese artist Lin visions from the light tones in which the reality is cleansed from superfluous to reveal only slight traces where the gaze rests, facilitating the opening of the mind to a meditative state.

Fluctuating and emptied from the material weight, landscapes and organic forms appear without imposing, blurred with colors in pastel shades combined in the wise chromatic chords.

The world is then made into ethereal forms, in which the artist seems to be no longer the physical appearance of things, but their intangible characteristics.

By connecting its pictorial research to Buddhist culture, The artist herself says it will describe the “world of fragrance”, a dimension where you can feel the fresh scent of the hidden immaterial spirit of bodily needs and illusions of agitated mind.

the fragrance, symbol of liberation from saṃsāra, the material world imbued with pain and suffering, in the paintings of Che Lin becomes visible, described with delicate images, whispered forms that dissolve into a soft light and well calibrated.

The painting then becomes meditative act that does not represent the outward appearance but suggests the intangible core of things, making the bridge between body and spirit.

Lin was born in Han-Dan in HeBei province in 1980, She graduated college in Hebei Normal University with a master's degree in the arts,it 2006. He is currently professor at North China University of Science and Technology. A vinto numerosi premi in rassegne artistiche nazionali.

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