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Christian Flores Azioni reali in uno spazio straniero



exhibition of Christian Flores

under the auspices of the Consulate General of Peru

from 8 to 25 May 2013

Foreign trip ..., absence, dreams, memories, adjustment, melancholy, suffering, movement ... Foreigner.

Words translated into images, movement, sequence, sound, to represent the individual and collective space shared.
A space alien that stimulates, contrasts, transforms, change the behavior, the psyche of those who must adapt to a new home, the house of the other, the home of all, the dream home away from home ....
Christian Flores is a Peruvian artist who lives in Milan 2 years. Choose the subject of his artistic work after a long observation of social reality that surrounds him. In this exhibition, the artist addresses the issue of immigration and decided to experience it firsthand observing people in his daily commute on the subway. Which, sitting in the subway cars, takes a series of photographs that depict people on the move. People arriving, part, sits, sleeping, listening to music, speaks, gets angry, ride. Once seated, photographer 4 seats that are in front and the people you sit rhythmically: Italian, Peruvian, Russians, Moroccan, Egyptians, Swedish, African. Birth of a portrait of the recent multi-ethnic character of Milan: People from all over the world that was together when you move on public transport. The people on the subway as it is forced to stay together, having to move, and unconsciously reveals his feelings towards others. In the metro divisions, borders, the barriers between people seem to fall. Italian and foreign sit near, next to one another. People coming and people who goes. In & out. As happened to Christian, who after training and long experience of exhibitions in Peru, decided to come to Italy to enrich its human and cultural formation. As foreigners who come to Italy to work, learn, traveling or simply out of curiosity. Stop here for a few years and then return to their home country or to move to other countries. In the exhibition 2 video-of-sight projected on the walls they want to revive the visitor an experience that Christian has lived and expertly captured with the camera in metro. From visual experience becomes auditory: we hear the voices of migrants who tell because of their movement. They are all anonymous characters, met by chance. Immigration is indeed a worldwide phenomenon that affects all of us because it affects each of us. People have always moves to seek other horizons, other dreams, other hopes.
Thomas Cigarini

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