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Alessio Barcellini CRISIS



2nd exhibition of the winning Call for young curators,,it,Crisis,,it,from ruin apotheosis,,it,by Alessio Barcellini,,it,It is a physiological aspect of the whole universe and its components go into a crisis to be able to create something completely new and different,,it,It is the basis of the dynamism,,it,It is what drives the transformation,,it,organizations that wish to remain unchanged will not come out positively from it and be overwhelmed by events,,it,Where, however, it comes the transformation,,it

dalla rovina all’Apoteosi

a cura di Alessio Barcellini
from 22 February to 7 marzo 2018

Artists: Makiko Asada, Dante Barbagallo, Lorenzo Cambini, Roy Millennium, Simona SantaSeveso, Jacopo Teruggi.

Crisis is a word that we hear far too often and in many contexts: now the media are saturated with this word and also have saturated our perception of reality, leading us to a desolate vision and demolished. Originally this word had a meaning not as bad as today, since it derives from the greek word that κρίσις, like so many Greek words, It has many meanings: it means choosing, judgment, process, the act of separating, interpretation, outcome, dispute and finally, critical stage of a disease. As you can see, negative meanings are minority and hierarchically inferior to others, since the term is etymologically related to the verb κρίνω, which is mostly associated with the idea of ​​choosing, distinguish or pronounce a sentence. As we have come to today's negativity? Probably it has been customary medical dell'accezione use of the term, presumably thanks to the spread of medieval and Renaissance texts of Aristotle, Hippocrates and Galen. However, Also in the medical significance is not clear a mainly negative connotation: the crisis is the culmination of a disease, or better, is the sudden change of a morbid state both positively, is in the negative. What is clear, then, It is that it looks like a door toward two different directions and opposite: or rebirth or destruction, or forfeits or apotheosis.
Reading between the lines of the word crisis, just as there is handed down by the media, we can see, just, a shade too positive: indeed, the crisis is often the preliminary stage of a reconstruction and rebirth, is that moment of recollection and scarcity of means which leads to ingegnarsi, find solutions and discover its desire to resurrect.
È un aspetto fisiologico di tutto l’universo e delle sue componenti entrare in una fase di crisi per poter poi generare qualcos’altro di completamente nuovo e diverso. È la base del dinamismo, è ciò che spinge alla trasformazione: le realtà che vogliono restare immutate non usciranno positivamente da essa e saranno travolte dagli eventi. Da dove proviene però la trasformazione? This concept, remedy any past and future crises, in us, nella nostra volontà, nel nostro recondito senso di rinascita, perché è in noi che hanno sede i problemi ma anche le soluzioni di essi. Potentially in our crisis we already have the seeds of our rebirth ... just waiting to be able to germinate and flourish.

Crisis - From Ruin apotheosis is an anthology of solutions and problems as they conceive them artists, con le loro diversità stilistiche e concettuali. It is a dynamic dialogue between curator and their faces to investigate joint discomfort and redemption aspirations and positive transformation,,it,Makiko Asada,,ja,Dante Barbagallo,,it,Lorenzo Cambini,,it,Roy Millennium,,en,Simona SantaSeveso,,en,Jacopo Teruggi,,it,Thursday,,it,cell. ,,en.

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