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Fanuccio Autoportraits



Personal Fanuccio

edited by ROBERTO Lacarbonara

from 16 January to 2 February 2013


Deliberate intention to harm, hurt – "Do something with m."

Knowledge and experience of what is bad – "M not a baby yet."

Tendenza a vedere il male anche dove non c’è – "Allusions full of m."

Allusion erotica under an apparent naivety – "Glances full of m."

Astuteness, furberia – "Convince him, uses a bit of m. "

The exhibition is a self clandestine. A collection of "pieces" that make up the daily life of the artist without that he knows well where / how / when it happens what happens. Fanuccio gathers her "things", objects of work and leisure, household and intimate, those which are used for traveling, and those that retain in a place, to police the world outside.


A Week Malice (contravening the "Semaine de Bonté" by Max Ernst had appointed the folder of the work produced in his memorable trip to Italy) is the diary of the life of one week at all significant, apparently normal.

It happens, however, that the artist spends this time to carry around the fragments that make up the normal, escorting them to the places and contexts that make public its passage (in the days before the exhibition, Fanuccio photographically documenting their actions and leaves traces of life – flowers and fruits – in all places marked by their passage).

It also happens that each fragment, every object and every legacy, appear suddenly impersonal, violated the possessiveness of him that only he possesses access. And here come out of the small, naive malice, the "deliberate intention to harm, to hurt ": Fanuccio places live objects, Biological, "Fresh", close to the things lost, because everything slowly consumption and rot, because everything was turned away by itself might perish away from you.

Unless he himself, artista, to turn water to flowers, to impose new, to buy oranges and lemons, verdissime banana, watermelons. And all this to make the world a trip perennial, always in search of an identity distributed in a thousand places.

During the exhibition, the space is transformed into a showcase of interiority. Each work is a temporary sediment yet monumental, by virtue of sentimental value and memorials that have intentioned gestures and the choices of the artist. The operation, therefore, moreover the case of a highly relational paradox egoic, public although intimate, inscrutable and inalienable.

At the close of the exhibition 2 February at 17 there will be

“the Cavatelli Incident?” “Nothing that is not s'abbini my shoes!”

workshop Michele Ardito. For more info and to book tel.3283412474.

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