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Giacomo Spazio happens,it: SOLO A NOLO,en


from 11 to 25 giugno 2016

it happens: SOLO A NOLO,en

Wandering the streets of the area 2 di Milano, the so-called Nolo, ie north of Loreto, as for many is called, It is known for some time a substantial change, which in fact it is true for many of the streets of the whole city: many operators are no longer Italian. Often they are Chinese: The coffee shop is under new management? It was found by Chinese. Your neighbor does not go more? Capita, they are Chinese, deep down we do not really trust. This creeping racism, you do not want to even admit to themselves, is what most impressed Giacomo space in its visual investigation, prelude to the creation of the show you are visiting.

On the walls of City Art, then, works in the typical style of Space: visual accumulations, here organized into diptychs, screen printed and colored by hand, glitterati and polished. Each one is unique, but you can buy at prices very contained, and what to turn the matured reflection, observing, walking, talking to people, collecting paper scraps.

Because that is how Giacomo Spazio works: going around and letting go through from what the eye captures, it's a torn poster, a sticker fell to the ground, an image that comes to mind for guardandone association other theme.

And then you see the show, in addition to certain recurrent images in many of Space works, China has so much inside: by Captain China to a verse from the famous song China Girl David Bowie (caution!, It is not the only piece of music cited, there is on display a kind of soundtrack that offers a different song for each diptych: you find it), from Bruce Lee to the stars of the Chinese flag (that in an absolutely irreverent will overlap the provocative silhouette of a pin up anarchist), to a couple of Chinese zodiac signs.

And of course many of the fascinating characters Chinese writing: James was amused to confront, as perhaps our neighbor first mentioned no longer, con gli altri, and then had it translated in the beautiful ideograms thoughts, parole, songs of beloved books (one for all: Too Loud a Solitude di Hrabal), and also the names of his children, because the artist always puts something personal in what creates, although his works are seemingly only recordings, expertly reassembled, of what he has looked.

This, your back, It is what most impressed us: the messy accumulation, if not subjected to critical examination of reason, It becomes a metaphor for the mess that we have inside us too; if we do not order among our thoughts, if we can not organize all the inputs that come from outside, we end up not understanding, and then reject entirely what we see, ie we risk becoming precisely racist, even if you can not say, Milan is not well.

Never one style was more effective to seize our time: visual pollution of James Space is the most immediate way to tell.

Micaela Mander


Rossella Moratto; Giuseppina Puppo; Lucia Mapelli e Chung Ling Caldara; Trinchera and Lorena Paola Vizzi; Mariella and Giulio Clemente Marino; Sara Chinello and Cristina Russo; Piero Leodi; Francesca Romano.

Traduzione in Cinese dei testi di Giacomo Spazio a cura di Sara Bortoletto

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