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Pagani Schwarz Il Rosa e il Blu


In the Fuori Salone 2013

“the Pink and Blue”

Art and arredamento: unique artist

Elisabetta Pagani and Irina Schwarz

works of art to functional living spaces,

from 9 to 27 April 2013

On display art objects to functional living spaces, "Unique artist" made over the years by the two artists Elisabetta Pagani and Irina Schwarz.

Floor lamps and table lamps, a bench in resin that recalls the tale of the Little Mermaid, a screen free flight of a heron rose are the works of Elizabeth Pagani, which uses mainly the dichroic glass, assembled metal, wood, resine the raku pottery, in a play of transparency and light.

The works of Irina Schwarz "sculptures-objects-holder" made from tree trunks.

The artist works in fact the wood, respecting the original form with which the same nature has shaped, intervening in a minimal way and let it express its own primitive force.

In addition to unique pieces of furniture on display “the Tree of Life”, work in which have occurred together on an olive tree, each with its own sensitivity and skills.
The work embodies the dance serene an olive tree.

Matter of Legno, sanded and polished, is liberated in most essential form, together with large leaves dichroic glass, that seems to have captured the light blue of the sky in another time and place but here the whole return, like magic.

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