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In the Flight ART.11


Il Consiglio di Zona 2 del Comune di Milano

in collaboration with City Art, con la Scuola Primaria Crispi di Via Sant’Erlembaldo e Martiri di Gorla di via Cesalpino,

the 70th anniversary of the massacre at Elementary School “Francesco Crispi”,


In Flight ART. 11

Seventy years have elapsed, but Gorla, from 1923 district of Milan, do not forget the rain of bombs dropped by mistake an Allied aircraft on primary school Francesco Crispi, where that tragic day killed almost two hundred innocent souls, always the killing of adults to the pure in heart remains incomprehensible.

The City Art Association commemorated the massacre of the innocent with the event "In flight the Art 11" designed by Angelo Caruso: a poetic launch of colorful kites created for the occasion by 200 students of fourth and fifth grade of primary school Crispi and the Elementary School Martyrs Gorla not to forget the human captivity.

The 17 October at 14.30 Small Martyrs Square, 200 children clutched in his hands kites decorated with messages of hope from them and white balloons, released in the sky, as an ode to joy, the future: collective action, Symbolic, shared by local residents against the exterminations exciting yesterday, today and tomorrow.

These children in a day bathed by a warm sun and generous they did fly in the sky clear blue kites peacemakers , not to forget the worst aspect of the adults who rationally produce instruments of death, of carnage for lust for power.

That day some kites and white balloons, white as the souls of the innocent young victims, you are stranded in trees, symbol of life, that stand in the square. Those present looked up to the sky , smile and saw in those balloons yearnings for freedom from the cages of violent: cancer of humanity.
The evil that adults do to children is even sadder evil that mothers and fathers feel after the death of their child unnatural causes and violent.

These kites are a poetic gift, a sign of gratitude of the adults of tomorrow, caresses for the soul but do not forget that redeem the sins of mankind that should feel shame at the thought of one of these and other young victims.
The child is father of the man and these little children of the schools of Gorla, gathered here to commemorate that fateful day are wiser than adults, without rhetoric and empty words, with their kites show that you die only once , but for a long time.

Do not forget!

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