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Lee Hyeok I Designed War


Designed War
staff Lee Hyeok

from 3/07 to 21/07 2018

I have a great fear of war.
Perhaps like all, I citizen of South Korea feel that much more real threat of war than any other citizen of the world, bordering with North Korea has always had in the war the specter of blackmail both internal and external. Perhaps in recent weeks we have opened up new facets in relations between North and South, we'll see.
It will be hard to shake off this fear of war, I lived as a child with this pressing threat, although I have never had any direct experience.
My research has been developed to represent the invisible and perpetual threat of war, as a source to transform people and subject them to power, any power.
The questions that I often do myself "where is the conflict?"And" how can we stop the war?"Are the questions that lead me to imagine the works in recent years have often crossed my mind, and that in this exhibition are on display.
My works tell of a contemporary society that the war has a close and direct relationship and the events that follow are the result of clashes often shrouded in haze and the result of the economic power relations.
Addressing in my work, the problem of war is not an option but a reality inherent in this society. My works are my concern of today and of the future for the rights of humanity.

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