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Marcello Mazzella Acqua siamo noi


Water is Us

("The water is us")

Mostra interattiva di Marcello Mazzella

with contribution of sound

Domenico Closeness

by Eleonora Fiorani

from 13 February to 2 March

Water is Us ("The water is us") is the title of the new interactive multimedia work that Marcello Mazzella has dedicated this time to water the Martesana Canal, also called small Naviglio, returning, after work on the Lambro 2010 and the one on Lake Lugano in 2011, to operate on the territory, inspired and create works closely linked to it is in the production phase of the collection of materials and references to the ecosystem and in that exhibition, whether it is a museum or a gallery or a public space.

Works that arise from a way of making art that arises in connection-interaction with the territory who lives it and lives, involving the public in the work itself. It 'also a way, in this case, for remembrance that Milan is the city of waters, although largely underground and denied and heavily polluted, to whom – since the eighties – has begun to return with a new look, tying up the memory with the new scenarios of present-future.

The water is, in the philosophical thinking in Greece, with Thales, arche, the principle, generator of all things and their substance: their "meat" would Merleau Ponty. And Bachelard the rammemora questioning dreams water, la sua reverie, and putting light as the imagination material detects the senses. To dream deeply must dream with the matter. Building on the water thus acquires the sense of feeling the water with intensity and depth.

E 'in this context that moves the multimedia work that Marcello Mazzella achieved primarily through the recognition of the place with the body and the senses and looks in the stretch from the intersection with the Lambro to Melchiorre Gioia, in the north east of Milan, where the City Art Gallery, place of the exhibition of the works. And 'in fact only covering it with your body that you can seize the territory in his flesh, in his experiences which includes tactile perceptions, hearing, visual. So listening and not just seeing the flow of water in the territory, the sounds of the streets, flights of birds, the natural vegetation, the third landscape of a nature that resurrects silent, who returns to being an ecosystem plant-animal, a place to converge different temporality suspended between the future and the dawn of humanity.

Mazzella ha filmato scorci dello scorrere tumultuoso delle acque e del loro procedere placido così da apparire maestoso, and glimpses of their transparency that allows you to see the small algae and detritus of the bottom and glimpses of the banks, and the passing of another life on the streets. And everything has a multimedia interactive whose peculiarity is to enter the traces of our presence, so that in it subject and object or world come together and change.

So the work eventua: an event occurs in which the observer transforms the coordinates of this perceptual space, so observer, space, opera costituiscono un insieme indivisibile. It 'a path empathic, that immerses us in things outside and inside us, but it is also a path of enjoyment eye, see the.

We are faced with Mazzella to a change in the manner of thinking and making art and to communicate using new technology, which has led to new ways of exploration and construction of aesthetic objects.

Eleonora Fiorani

Con il Patrocinio del Consiglio di Zona 2 City of Milan


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