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Marica Moro City Genesis



staff Marica Moro

a cura di Eleonora Fiorani

from 7 to 25 marzo 2012

City Art presents CITY GENESIS, the first solo exhibition of the project MATERPOLIS, dedicated to MARICA MORO; the project, edited by Eleonora Fiorani , consists of four different reflections on the interaction between artistic intervention and urban context which will involve, besides Marica Moro, Beretta also Ilaria, Sabina room and Nothing Pivetta.

"Looks the same in the belly of the metropolis, on her skin, about his experiences, this is what is meant to be MATERPOLIS, a single project that weaves the threads of the invention of four artists with different looks that are questioning and work in the territory and refer to radical change of values, che investe la metropoli e l’idea stessa di società o di cultura, and which must be continuously compared to the inner of the subjectivity of which are part of the visual perceptions, olfactory, tactile, hearing.

And the implementation of knowledge, ways and technologies with which the metropolitan territory is spoken and acted. And many appearances and meetings and clashes with otherness that cross.

Assuming, indeed, the elemento vegetale, as primary material of construction, Marica Moro no longer the green component of the body or furnishing of the city, but the core of a reflection that goes to the origin of life, to rethink what the city itself should be made.

And it is then also a new design attitude that comes back to consider green as the ideal of human life.

So the imagined city resulting change in status, he stopped registering nell'artificiale what other than the nature, but, as is the case in the installation, dialoga con le fonti della vita e wants itself to be nature, want to carry within themselves the nature, removing the boundary between the space of nature and that of the built, togliendo il recinto che delimita il giardino e costruendo la vita nel grembo di un vaso.

In the works of Marica Moro organic harmony with nature becomes visible in the prevalence of round shapes, as symbols of the life cycle, and in the irregularity winding and undulating lines and structures, in the choice of color, used in their expressive possibilities, and in their emotional value and the fondness that we are entering a parallel universe, or how it would be in a vision is not linear but colorful and varied as life is. "

Eleonora Fiorani

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