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Michela Montrasio The dark side



photographic exhibition of Michela Montrasio

from 17 maggio al 9 giugno 2018

Michela Montrasio is multifaceted artist with a particular personal and professional attention to art therapy. One of the fundamental themes in art therapy practice is the concept of "Shadow" in the sense Junhiano: man is composed of light and shadow, of good and evil and both these aspects must be integrated. The photograph is perfect expression of harmony between light and shadow: the shadow exists only in the presence of light. Michela Montrasio investigated this dark side daily, driven by the need to confront a dimension which give space and give name. The exhibition, consists of eight 50 × 75 format photographs in black and white on baryta paper.
The photos were taken with traditional machine (Leica R3) using Agfa film SCALE 200X and Superpan 200 Rollei.
Catalog with texts of Federica Fontana and Nicola Concept
Printing photos: Chrome lab, Milano
Michela Montrasio: from 1985 to 1997 He has actively served on the editorial staff of the cultural dynamics HARTA. Since the early 80's studied dance. Over the years the study of dance has approached more and more in search of an authentic language practices, such as dance therapy, the Sensitive Dance and Dance Butoh. The artistic research has gone the same time opening up to all the arts (the visual arts as a whole and the performance), to find a total language that can accommodate the inner world; at the same time it has always been a great opportunity to trigger transformative-evolving nature processes. As a performer he participated in 1986 in numerous exhibitions and events both in Italy and abroad.


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