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Nadia Magnabosco and Marilde Magni accumuli, obsessions and influences



Nadia Magnabosco and Marilde Magni

accumulations, obsessions and influences

creations of other worlds

edited by Micaela Mander

Nadia Magnabosco e Great Mawde They are back with a double solo in which you can find themes and constant ways in their production; equally constant has always been their reflect on the, and this makes the exhibition organized in the spaces of City Art unique and new: if on one hand the title of the exhibition is fitting with their way of proceeding, precisely for material accumulations, for the occurrence of obsessions, primarily intended as continuous reflection on the role of women, and for the contamination of objects, technical, different materials, from paper to the receipts, object found and reinterpreted, from painting to sculpture to book assembly; on the other side, intense is the denunciation of what is happening in the Mediterranean Sea, deaths at sea, the tragedy of those who leave and not take it, comer but it is rejected, and even of those who remain, especially mothers, and has no more news of those dear that the sea has sucked, the indifference of too many, and the inability - or unwillingness - of Western governments to propose viable solutions.

Then the subtitle of the exhibition, creations of other worlds, not only refers to the ability of art to give life to a work that is a new world, a story that, thanks to the making of the artist, It was not there before and now there, but it is above all an invitation to create a new West can, a world that rejects, but welcome, a Babel of languages ​​and experiences whose plot can generate a colorful world of peace.

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