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Beyond the darkness

Mostra collettiva di installazione + performative video

Del progetto Europa per i diritti dei cittadini, migrants and refugees.

By Mimma Easter and the association La Kasbah

from 13 to 17 November 2012

From Cosenza where it was presented in May 2012 at Officine Babylon arrives at City Art NowHere beyond the darkness, show 25 artists presenting installation works and wall, writings and poems.

The videos document the interactive trail made in Cosenza in workshops Babylon, abandoned industrial space and recovered as a creative workshop and assistance to immigrants.

The purpose of the project is to educate the citizens to respect for human rights today, means, also, recognize the same belonging to a single humanity and a single planet and then educate the recognition of otherness distant and commitment to international justice.

In fact, the rights of citizens of the richest countries should not be in contradiction with the rights of the people of the rest of the world. So in addition to the recognition of certain principles universal minimum, there must be the will of ethics and politics to build new forms of encounter, recognition and international cooperation.

The interactive tour of the exhibition, to experience situations in which human rights are violated.

Particular attention was paid to the status of women, through themed work including work created with the inmates of the San Vittore prison and a video documenting the interactive trail for schools and citizens that allows you to experience the situation of violence and deprivation of rights.

The Kasbah who along with Mimma Easter oversaw the implementation of the project, commissionato dall’Ufficio Europa del Comune di Cosenza da vari anni è impegnata nella tutela dei diritti dei migranti e in particolare dei rifugiati e richiedenti asilo.

The human rights education is not a simple transmission of knowledge but rather a path that should stimulate change of lifestyle. It must raise awareness to each of the dignity of every human being, bearer as such, rights.

Through a shrewd reflection on the European Charter of Human Rights and with the involvement of artists and performers, they set interactive routes can offer relevant information and insights useful to foster better understanding and knowledge of fundamental rights.

Women opposed to the word that media violence, combining, which gives life, who care, no deaths on the field” – Cristina Rossi

The Artists: amalia cangiano – silvia Cibaldi – mariangela de maria – blue ferrando – giovanna between – Svetlana kuliskova – ruggero Mays – nadia magnabosco – Mawde great – Annalisa House – lucio leg – anna santinello – stefania Scattina – stefano soddu – meruska staropoli – Armand verdirame

writings and poems: there Celico – mariangela de maria – giulia fresh – French Gordana – anna lauria – tonino Soldier – sylvan palace – mimma easter – cristina red

video installations: alessandro Gordana – nicola labate

texts: serena bucca – enza Pope

staging: gianluca salamone – meruska straropoli

graphic design: christian tucci

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