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Piero 1/2Botta Mar monstrorum

Piero 1 / 2Botta

On Tue monstrorum Piero 1 / 2Botta

edited by David Dall'Ombra

17 February – 3 marzo 2012


It is an exhibition in three days and the beginning is on the way. Creatures of Piero 1 / 2Botta, Marche young painter active in Milan and London, spiaggiano is in a unique: a store that is actually a gallery, a private gallery, which is actually a public space. Exceeded the disorientation solosnob, one wonders that the city would be Milan, if its suburbs could count on a place so each 10 isolated: Leopard on a micro spaces well maintained and well managed as this, neat and clean with love and lived by the neighborhood that gives them air and sense of existence. Coming from a side street of Viale Monza entering a prospective telescope that has the tunnel as the vanishing point and, approaching, you understand immediately that the strength of this space is the large window that gives light. A transparent rectangle stripping the interior and exhibition hosting, pitiless and immediate x-ray that has the strength to repulse shows and works on the road.

Now the window is completely obscured by a white painting stretched to as big as the windows in preparation of a few decades ago: blankets to not spoil the surprise of the new collection of skirts and cubs.

Only the most itchy sbirceranno, indeed, through the artist's monogram engraved in white glass door. Even passersby will be more distracted rather attracted to the small screen in the center of the window, where you animate a short film, edited by Igor Borghi, showing the artist at work, in a creation story from the first to the last brushstroke.

All’interno, a large band of monsters, to be discovered in a setting evocative done to surprise.

Piero 1 / 2Botta has nothing to do with the splatter of comics. The closeness is only apparent: material in the beauty of his work is structured all the skill of an artist who has demonstrated the ability to draw like Raphael and that the manga was saved thanks to a visceral passion for ancient art, important as women of De Kooning or the mouths of Bacon, in follow his path to self raccontar. You ask who these monsters that animate the imagination of the artist, What they have generated, what have to do with his sensibility, his unconscious and his life experiences. Are answers we are looking for, that emerge slowly, hidden in the folds of half simple sentences, dropped to distraction by this young and solar Marche, son of a butcher ...


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