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1989-2009 The twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Piazza Fontana “IMAGINING PLAZA” Exceeds Limit

9 - 22 November 2009

7 installations inability to break down the walls between different cultures and demolish with the universal language of art all over the walls built to hide the truth.

Projects Installations Censored

Through an original exhibition open air in the center of Milan, contemporary art becomes the star of an event that transformed the city into a museum "in the open". Sculptures, installations and video art, inspired by the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, guide visitors to discover the contemporary art scene, Galleries, Institutes and Academies of Art.
SITART, invited to participate, presented a project "IMAGINING PLAZA" the critic Emanuel Beluffi thus presents “… And this place, Piazza Fontana, chora of blood and tears and words diverted - in addition to the Services, of course- seems the proscenium dramatically ideal in which to talk about the eloquent silence of art. The work of art is silent but is fraught with symbolic value: speaks a universal language that everyone can - and, if you use the gift of understanding, must - understand. It is not true that art is like a book of Nietzsche, for all and for none.
As symbolic form, like the style according Alois Riegl, is always at the height of his age. In this particular case, on this occasion almost solemn in which emphasizes the irreducibility of art to ordinary language inherently enemy of truth, freedom and criticism, art itself occasiona not a protest but a proposal: dissect the concept of the wall in its protean and magmatic variety polysemic to break down the walls built to scorn the truth. L'arte, we all know no?, is knowledge…”
With this background the invited artists explore Piazza Fontana creating site-specific works.

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