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Gianluigi Bellei Progetto homeless


"Project Homeless"

Gianluigi Bellei

I senzatetto, living on the margins of society, nelle metropoli come nelle lande sperdute del pianeta.

A separate world full of humanity, suffering and at times of extreme dignity.

Una esposizione che spazia da Bologna a Delhi, from Magliaso in Milan, Parigi of the Rio de Janeiro.

from 7 to 22 February 2014

The homeless are a reality now consolidated and not only in the Western world. People on the margins of society who survive in the metropolis as in the backwater of the planet. A separate world full of humanity, suffering and at times of extreme dignity.
They Gianluigi Bellei devotes an initiative widespread, how widespread is their presence, that resulted in a series of small exhibitions in which are the real stars.
Paintings, photos, video, books, installations ranging in different ways from Bologna to Delhi, Magliaso from Switzerland to Milan, from Paris to Rio de Janeiro with the complicity of some artists and the collaboration of many people who in various ways have supported and encouraged the operation.

An experiment fluid and antihierarchical which focuses on a new way of relating to art with the world around, possible without mediation and without the use of money. The works, for this, are not for sale, even for charitable projects, precisely because it is on sale the dignity of each individual participant, whether it is active passive.
In Bologna, the headquarters of the historical association for arts Francesco Francia is exhibited the painting of a Parisian homeless; Delhi the oil portrait of a little Indian girl who with the help of Sarah Bernasconi will be cut into squares and regaled the audience.

A former Magliaso Workshop art a triptych of large oil, depicting a homeless Bolognese, photographed by the author in 1985; in Milan at the City Art Gallery, Boris, a character Eastern; in Paris in Salles Royales Église de la Madeleine's face always oil a man asleep on a bench and reproduction of the works that are in other cities; in Rio de Janeiro a watercolor distributed along with other materials in a performance organized by Rubens Pileggi.

In different locations will be screened video, as "I am I" Gianluigi Bellei, realized in Madrid, Paris, Milano, Florence and film, come "Vagabond" di Agnes Varda; distributed incisions and pages of "Les Miserables" in the edition of 1862; exhibited photographs by Alessio Larocchi, an installation by Paul Groves, a mixed technique of Bruno Pierozzi.
In Italy at the City Art Gallery in Milan, the exhibition will be held from 7 to 22 February with inauguration Friday 7 February at 18. Are presented among others the oil on canvas Boris, he DVD di Varda "Vagabond" del 1985 and works of Alessio Larocchi, Rubens Pileggi and Paul Groves.

All visitors are offered original pages of "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo for editions Pagnerre A. Lacroix in Paris in 1863.
Detailed exhibition sites, addresses, the Date, times and location of each job on the site www.bellei.com

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