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Provvisorialmente Govern Square


Provvisorialmente the Public Art Govern Square

6 artists transform the Piazza with site-specific installations

"The art is put in Government Square, become a public work that tells stories of nomadic wandering which we, representing urban plots of madness with lightness and poetry. The artists interact with the site and in this square, through the works invite us to "wander" around the complex plots of our society hybrid, Metamorphic, sick of indifference and individualism. Are installations that reflect our weaknesses, deficiencies, solitudes, intolerances, but also illusions and hopes to be able to achieve a humanistic City, where the streets become a place of exchange, parks, gardens and vice versa.

Provvisorial_mente observe these works Site-specific in Government Square, as emotional maps that elaborate knowledge, the memory and the experience of this specific territory, hoping to expand our knowledge of the world becomes more dynamic, elusive, the instant in which it is not the time to become memory. In this square, agora differences reflected a microcosm enclosed in a physical and symbolic sharing conceptual, in which art is also a banner of tolerance and aggregation multiracial harmony with nature, territory as ideal project architecture of humanity. "

con il contributo degli alunni della Scuola Materna Rovetta e della scuola elementare E. Pimentel Via Russian.

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