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Raimondo Masu Incendio di Troia

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PASSAGGI ] l’incendio di Troia [ LANDSCAPES

Personal Raimondo Masu

Area of ​​use (1) e la costruzione del Paesaggio

I vuoti che consentano al fruitore azioni d’uso come conseguenza del manifestarsi di un Need.

8 - 23 November 2013

1 – The work of an architect is the creation of voids that allow to act answers.

Solo uno spazio vuoto consente l’azione d’uso: l’attivazione delle trasformazioni di piccole quantità di energie, con un atto di volontà individuale, in a landscape that is the place dell'Abitare choices. The landscape is the sum of maps of use in which the individual active devices to obtain a common benefit.

Area of ​​use is a three-dimensional field where, at any point, the determination of the need indetermina the agent of the action point. It operates with the objective of determining in-the need to identify the location.

Area of ​​Use considers Need a reduction of the complexity of the individual agent, and the field of relations in which it acts; act a response will be to bridge the gap by determining a content / object that will solve the Need, both Strengthening the Landscape dell'Abitare with ever new uncertainties (system relationships).

Area of ​​use is studying this area, today has reached some discoveries:

The inversion of the application in response to locate the interaction field sensitive to the choice in place;

The internal project as a link between Nature and Naturalness, that is, between the laws that govern us nell'involontario and the individual will. The Naturalness is similar to a virtual media where anticipate action to mitigate the irreversibility of the action;

The three designers of Action, maker, performer, user, in a path translatability / translation.


2 – I Pa(s)essays / Pa(e)essays Raimondo Masu, made with the technique of collage, can be considered equal to the noise. Raimondo Masu them pre-formats according to the order of a principle elegant, space of Use, so as to represent overlapping maps of Use. Ogni Paesaggio (where are they)troverà esistenza ogni volta che azione temporale di un fruitore (I'm Step) it will be stir [traducibiltà-perception / translation-use ].

Each delegation Landscape action to get to completion: the leave .

Leave it: a) the recognition of the delegation (willingness to act) that each active when chooses[Responsibility], b)the knowledge that it ( delegation) must be returned to allow new shares [Construction / Landscape].

The Landscapes of Raimondo Masu presented comparing with interventions / Landscape philosophers Mauro Carbone, Giulia Li Destri Nicosia e Raffaele Scolari, l’web designer Eleni Gratsou, e un opera del compositore Raul M. The, composta on Midbar-medabar (Desert / talk), che sarà eseguita in prima assoluta.

The 23 November to end of the exhibition will be held a seminar on space of Use


Raimondo Masu, born in Sardinia, in Tempio, opera in Milan since 1970, year when he moved to attend the polytechnic. Architect, already professor contract is co-host of the laboratories of construction and environmental design, si occupa del rapporto fra la costruzione della forma /oggetto e la messa a punto del dispositivo che consente alle risposte agite di soddisfare un bisogno.

Alla libera professione unisce la ricerca sul materiale e la forma.

The materials for the works are drawn from the tradition of architecture: concrete, steels, woodwind.

The works / object designed as architectures minimum interrelation between perception and memory space, become alter ego dialoguing.

(1) Il progetto Spazio d’uso nasce nel 1998 by architect Raimondo Masu in the context of the Laboratories of Environmental Design and Construction Systems Design of the Faculty of Architecture of Milan Bovisa. The question that had to be resolved was how vehicular an indefinite amount of information, in the shortest possible time, a considerable number of students of architecture that shortly thereafter they should be able to design and compose from within the resources and tools available.

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