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Roger Ranko Inferno Pop


Inferno POP

mostra personale di Roger Ranko

Twenty fire extinguishers intended for pulping are the fuse to give life to Hell Pop Roger Ranko, a detonator served a mixture of moods easy to encounter every day in many of us, such as:

Revolt, lie, falsehood, anger, discord, ferocity, evil, violence, cowardice, voluptuousness, anarchy.
They are born, the portrait of Satan more 6 categories of demons portraits, as Kabbalah:
Demons Fire, Air demons, Demons of the Earth, demons Water, demons Underground, Demons of Darkness.
In total seven portraits of how he sees the sculptor responsible for so much evil.
Make sculptures has deep roots that leave the interest of the author for the conservation of the territory and the environment. Obsessive idea of ​​the world attention that has been focused in the use of materials from other discarded, abandoned, lost. A great effort to stop the production of new and give the old man a second chance, making a step in the art and in the detection of environmental problems.
And 'Iron One of the favorite materials of the sculptor, Iron recovered in landfills, in abandoned factories, on construction sites. A product that wears the signs of wear and patina of time, but it remains firm and strong. Perfect for creating impact of sculptures and emotional strength.

Info: City Art Via Dolomiti 11, 20127 Milano;

Opening: 12 gennaio ore 18,30

Periodo: from 12 to 4 February 2017

Aperto: da merc. a sab. from 15,30 –19,00

Freight: MM1 Turro

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