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Sabina Sala Natura urbana



Personal Sabina Room

As part of the project


by Eleonora Fiorani

from 9 to 27 May 2012

URBAN NATURE of SABINA ROOM, is the third of four solo exhibitions of the project: MATERPOLIS, by Eleonora Fiorani.
Looks the same in the belly of the metropolis, on her skin, about his experiences, This is what it means to be MaterPolis, a single project that weaves fli invention of four artists who, with different looks, wonder and work in the territory and refer to the radical change of values, investing the metropolis and the very idea of ​​society or culture, and which must be continuously compared to the inner of the subjectivity of which are part of the visual perceptions, olfactory, tactile, hearing. And the implementation of knowledge, ways and technologies with which the metropolitan territory is spoken and acted. And many appearances and meetings and clashes with otherness that cross.

Sabina Hall in Nature outlines Urbana, with a series of five installations, interventions on the skin of the city, and lived on sensory pivoting on the mind-body connection, living-environment to open to new approaches in architecture and design taking, which particular aspect of the contemporary, the excess of sensory stimulation and excitement that ends with the lead to a kind of anesthesia. So that we are beings from pale hands and senses artificial. Are installations, think for Milan, but transferable in other tissues metropolitan, they do appear in metropolitan places and facilities to detoxify the senses and simultaneously recover eyes, nose, ears, language, my. I sensi ci immettono a contatto diretto in ciò che è corporeo, concrete. Are the means and the producers of symbolic exchange between man and the world. And that puts the body at the center of this universe as a symbolic crossroads of knowledge and the center point of the relationship with yourself and the territory of our living, in una sorta di riappropriazione di sé. Così l’area pedonale, covered with a turf and grass aromatic baths, returns us to smell, while the vision in the image of a waterfall, its sound widespread fungal-umbrella, speaks hearing. And the igloo of land covered with grass, so that you can also touch and caress, is the refuge of the eye-rest by visual stimuli to return to see. And the wooden handrail of different stones is exaltation of touch. And the small organic chicken coops in city parks, to enjoy fresh eggs, retie also the wires with the grace and presence of otherness animal, mentre aprono a spazi ermafroditi in cui città e campagna tornano a contaminarsi e a vivere insieme. C’è in queste installazioni l’attrazione per la pelle delle cose e dei materiali, and for the presence of the, vegetable, animals, which is also the way you think and feel in other cultures that I associate with 'soul plant and animal, with earth and stone, to say that we belong to a nature naturans, animate and inanimate or just sleeping. What emerges in the installations, who never speak only in one direction but also involve other, Forgotten is the look of the first enchanted vision of the earth, that we find in the invention of formal carpets and surfaces of grass, in the round shapes of fungi and igloo, arrange themselves in the rough and winding balustrade, Games contrasts of colors, and the predilection for the fantastic and oneiric, in complicity with everything that surrounds us.

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