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A sign for the climate

angelo caruso

"Running for the climate"

37 artists of various nationalities Honno created banners on the theme of environmental change. This initiative started with LEGAMBIENTE involved all the associations involved in the social and environmental battles.
What can an artist do to raise awareness of hunger and climate
And nothing much. Nothing because it can not determine power choices unfortunately beyond its sphere.
Much because the symbolism of the image imprinted in the mind and heart and moves to action.
Here it is important. Do not underestimate the symbolic gesture of a, sometimes strange, bizarre, unusual because a plant from a seed born and from this comes life. Let us never forget when we are tempted to smile in front of certain images, perhaps with tenderness, but with skepticism. Beautiful, but what good?
Serve all right, from small things move grandiose events, as the famous beating of butterfly wing of the Amazon can change, determining an event on the scale as a devastating hurricane, a cyclone.
I look at the banners, speak of colors, sky, of earth and humus, of light and wind. It is estimated that 20% energy will be produced by wind and sun: the alternative energy.
And if the whole world was plastic? It would be the worst thing that could happen but we are overwhelmed by the plastic but suffice recycle. Recycling is the future of the world around you can recycle: No more landfills or incinerators.
And the Amazon how is our lung? Is reduced every day, as we are taken from neurosis to change furniture.
The earth splits in Sicily, in Africa, yet they say, "what's wrong?”
C O2 is anhydrite carbon, Death, of past lives, who left footprints.
The source of evil arises from hunger Gain. Money has no thirst, money not hungry but can make all the water and all the food to whom the money has them. And’ a question of the distribution of wealth, more justice in this world seems to say the artist showing examine traces of color, as if life were now bloodless, anemic. The grotesque irony of some banners that with gas masks his dinner plans, now made of nothing, because we are at the zero point.
We are at the zero point. And’ from here it starts. (Mimma Easter)

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