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Seven attempts at perfection

City Art


“Seven attempts at perfection”

by Gianluca Quaglia and Chiara Bisco

for the project ATELIER of CDD pomegranate

From 4 to 9 giugno 2014

dalle ore 10:30 at 19:00

public meeting Saturday 7 giugno 2014 hours 18:00

Rosalba Expired

City Art presenta il risultato di un percorso artistico condotto all’interno dell’atelier dell’Istituto San Vincenzo di Milano, whose goal is to develop and support a collaboration between artists and artists with disabilities.

Seven people with disabilities, during the ten-month, discussed the theme of the ball. What you can see is, therefore, a break of this participation.
Seven attempts to perfection is the title of the exhibition that explores the utopia of the ball as a form of maximum perfection and balance, in which seven artists lived seven attempts to reach this utopia, finding the impossibility of this task a resource.
The subjective interpretation of each artist is revealed the most suitable way to deal with this obstacle.
The object of the survey is the newspaper that each day presents us with new targets loads of very personal meanings, which on the artistic gestures become investigational single that interacts with its limit and shares. Emerging worldviews that do not show the work completed, but openings border, reflections in the making.
The artists who have been confronted with the theme are: Mercedes Ceccarelli, Victory Iskra, Barbara Bigoni, Fabrizio Zagarella, Rosalba Expired, Giorgio Ziviani, Renata Pisanello.
Mercedes Ceccarelli explores the ordinary and focuses its research on everyday objects that recall the shape of the circle or sphere. Each element cataloged, searched and finally recovered over the months, refers not only to the use that each day makes it, also, collaboration essential that allowed the creation of the work: a vase asked a relative or a light bulb purchased in local stores become objects in reality of installation, revived under a new guise. This collaboration appears solid as the elements exposed.
In the work of Vittoria Iskra the form of a live precariousness inherent in its very nature: a red drop falling on a white surface is the result of fluid primordial form perfect: ball, of which we can now see a still-image. A job all'essente inherent in the knowledge that the form, in nature, means above movement.
Barbara Bigoni proposes an assembly of individual forms that are recomposed in a multiple set in dialogue with each other and moving in space. You can locate each image that makes up the microcosm figural and then get lost in the overview and discover a new reality: the artist offers us an analysis on the definition of the limit and subject concluded.
It is a different point of view of Fabrizio Zagarella exhibiting a series of paintings. The whole composition of the five paintings, among them inhomogeneous, generates in our gaze stability, seemingly precarious. Action and pause live together in unified vision contrasted but which displays gestures closed, through rapid brushstrokes and repeated, and monocromi, made with soft colors. The search for balance is entrusted to this meeting.

Rosalba Expired forced nature of the materials used, through safe handling urgent, in an attempt to generate a new form: ball.

Each of these materials is forced by cords and drawstrings to live this new sculptural dimension to avoid relegation in its physical characteristics primeval. What has been analyzed is the nature of the material and the potential expressed through gesture.

Giorgio Ziviani has on display a work conducted in two stages and completed with the help of Matthew Suffritti. The artist first left on the white sheet the incisive of a series of circles with a pen but, his route running does not fall into oblivion as, subsequently, Matthew Suffritti resumed the moving image that reproduces the initial action, making it available on video.

Each circle emerges on the screen and is proposed as the signature of the person who has made. The other video exposed, that closes the exhibition, Renata is Pisanello and proposed collaborative action, where no one can see the stars, but the result of a gesture made: soap bubbles generated by a whisker.

A work that addresses not only the theme of the ball, which here becomes a pretext, but mostly speaks of meeting and cooperation; central topics of the whole exhibition project.


City Art Space

Via Dolomiti 11, Milano (MM Turro)

From 4 to 9 giugno 2014 dalle ore 10:30 at 19:00

Public meeting Saturday 7 giugno 2014 hours 18:00

For info: operatori.melograno@istitutosanvincenzo.it – Phone 0267732129

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