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"A thousand Faces Face"

staff Ilaria Berenice

Faces, in all possible ways, womb, your letter, Oil, of endless strips that complete the installation of the exhibition, many aspects of humanity in which the artist was reflected to integrate the infinite parts of themselves through art.

Opening 9 dicembre 2014 hours 18,30

fino al 4 January 2015


Of Pirandello the multifaceted work of Ilaria Berenice, artist from life just as varied: born in Rome, lived in Milan, Siena, Spain and Brazil, where there was the conversion to art exhibitions and awards, riapprodata is in Italy and precisely in Milan where, depth their skills, si è dedicata in toto all’arte mostrandosi tanto appassionata della propria scelta da trascorrere le giornate nel suo studio-casa riflettendo, working, producing – without being distracted by television that does not have and does not allow it to investigate directly the kaleidoscopic human nature – e seguendo vari approfondimenti perché afferma di essere sempre alla ricerca di migliorare e di nuovi input e naturalmente esponendo, not forgetting the passion for the guitar which is dedicated to long piece.

Several are its fields of action: collage, textural paintings, oil portraits, installations and then drawings of faces that tell different humanity happy, suffered, distressed ... so rich a sample of unknown friends who do not reveal a forgotten preparation anthropological.

Just the faces will be featured in this exhibition with a wide choice presented in a decidedly festive for the approach of Christmas and the birthday of the artist who 'chose' the Boxing Day to be born.

All 18.30 the 9 dicembre, the inauguration sarà come sempre un modo per conoscere l’altro e rapportarsi con lui: other faces, flashes of humanity, in addition to those who for years is seizing every where as an expression of the human soul in all its aspects to know others and through them even herself with the pleasure to investigate and discover the infinite worlds.

Wanda Castelnuovo (article published by www.teatro.it)


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