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Art of the Portrait and Intuitive Painting

"Portrait and Intuitive Painting"

Course Creative Experiential, useful for both beginners and professionals.

teacher: Ilaria Berenice

A new course ongoing and in-depth portrait painting and intuitive



The course serves to bring out their creativity and driven by stimuli to encourage, investigate and develop their personal expression. We scour moments of technique and discovery material to focus on the expression of the face through the sign and the search for their own individual style or trend. It then elude the mind and rationality through special exercises so as to allow the self-artistic to come out valuing the most instinctive and intuitive of his being, in a search for expression of your personal style. This workshop is to find and learn more about themselves and to explore new ways to express themselves, giving voice to his own personality.

One Saturday and one Sunday a month

from 10,00 to 16,00

and the cost of 40,00 euro to the day, do not need to bring materials.

the days are:

8 e 9 April


City Art

Via Dolomiti 11 Milano (MM1 Turro)

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Ilaria Berenice

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Testimonials of previous courses:

“The course is pleasant attendance, Ilaria has the right balance of lightness and depth, with a teaching, of the various techniques,the different perspectives and different issues of the design, adequate to stimulate a full involvement in creative work, even for those who have never picked up a pencil in hand if not for their scribbles; light in no condition to draw necessarily like her, deep in stimulating their creativity and expression.” Rachel Catanese

"Ilaria was able to lead us beyond the rational ... .trovando ourselves our being ... divine sign!!!! Hello Ilaria you ... it was nice to your project ... ..I am amused!!!!"Paolo Pompei
"I would call this workshop in a sentence" short but intense ". For me it was a space to express myself and to learn more about the technique but also on myself ... "Lucia Quixote

"This workshop has encouraged me to explore different avenues, I realized that my approach to painting has changed in a positive way "Pietro Frassica

"I'm glad I participated in the Workshop is for the work we have done for the results .... the experiences that have made us do are very interesting because they have shown a method to work on creativity and the plus sign to make room for freedom of expression that the reason imprisons ..we have given a 'method' and that 'experience' that there is . Beautiful the idea of ​​hanging and leave hanging the work of each in order to see its path and notice the rise of a 'character and expressiveness unique for each of us. It seems to me that we all enjoyed. "Elizabeth Boldrin

"In the workshop I had a great, I learned to work on gaps, whereas before I tended to fill all, it is as if we were already on the sheet the complete works. Ilaria taught you that there is no difference between the white of the paper and the white expanse that is inside us and this is revolutionary, and I remained puzzled. "Samuel Polish paolucci

immagini del corso precedente: http://www.cityart.it/project/arte-del-ritratto



for info:

City Art Via Dolomiti 11 Milano

Metropolitan (MM1 Turro)
Phone. 0287167065

Ilaria Berenice email: info@ilariaberenice.com Mobile: 349 6078972

Biography Ilaria Berenice

My training has gone through various languages, Also the study of anthropology and ethnology at the University of Siena. I always felt the need to express and create, working with dance during adolescence, then living for music and traveling all over the world. When I lived in Brazil I started to express myself with painting.

Back in Italy, I made several solo and group exhibitions. In 2008 I illustrated the autobiographical book “Beyond a reasonable doubt”, written by Francesco Tufano, former president of the European association of railway workers, and the Spanish writer and critic Eva Minguet Camara has devoted two pages to my work in his book “Illustration Vanguardia “published by Monsa Publisher Barcelona, Spain, 2009. From December to April 2009 took place at the Art Gallery of Contemporary Art in Gaeta, the exhibition” Ambientarte “with works made from recycled material whose finissage was inserted between events Eco Med festival organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Latina Italy, while from July to September 2009, Foundation Morris & Casini in Rome dedicated a major solo exhibition at my abstract works.

My painting technique has deepened over the years following the school's Castle, the school of the architects and the free school of nude of Brera in Milan.

I run several times performance of live painting as for the association to the Fifth Level Bovisa Triennale of Milan for the event “Urban frequencies. Woodstock After Party”, luglio 2009. L'March 8 2010 was posted on manual “Knowing that you have rights “, published by SDL interbranch and distributed nationally in 2.000 copy, with the cover and inside pages reproductions of my paintings in the series” Women “. In January 2011 I was invited on television channel Sky One to do a performance of live painting in a program led by Natasha Stefanenko.

All summer 2013 there was a solo exhibition at Castel Brando, one of the largest castles in Europe located between Venice and the Dolomites.

Over the years I have produced many paintings and portraits on commission, many works are part of private collections and can count among my clients Gabriella Crespi (designer, latest exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan) e Roy Dupuis (Canadian actor also known internationally as Michael for the first series Nikita).

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