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28 artists for an urban regeneration

11 - 27 April 2016

Council of State 2 City of Milan

Viale Zara 100



Il Consiglio di Zona 2 the City of Milan with the artistic direction of City Art exhibit "Basa_Menti - 28 artists for an urban regeneration ".

collective exhibition of works, inspired by the multi-ethnic district of Milan Via Padova, donated by the artists to the City and after exposure to be displaced in the Zone.

The metropolis lives an urban and architectural metamorphosis, sociocultural unprecedented, the artists will make project promoters, events and shared actions.

City Art declines its development for social change with different artistic activities, both the Exhibition Space and with public art events.

The Basa Minds project has involved Italian and international artists, with the contribution of the Art School of Brera fascinated by the draft Social Art which promotes relations and dialogue.

The exhibition is characterized as an installation of an artificial forest that takes the form of a series of concrete bases, previously used for an architectural event "Great places" promoted by the different realities of the Zone,it.

The exhibition will be opened by an Open Talk on "Social and Public Art, similarities and differences "where critics discuss, social workers and artists to overcome the concept of public art (passive, decorative) with targeted artistic actions, shared from the bottom, through different modes of participation. Explore how the procedural aspect and relational art participatory produces regenerative effects, actions useful for the community.

The Artists:

Art School of Brera Milan, 4Ep.g class. Pictorial Disciplines Prof. Anna Finetti, gico, Apostle, Giorgio Bulzi, Gian Antonio and Gabriella Garlaschi Kuruvilla, Fanuccio, Giuliana_Bellini, Angelo Caruso, Elisabetta Pagani, Celina Spelt, Pine Lia, laria_Berenice,kwangwoo han, Christian Flores Saavedra, Jean Pierre Orrù, blue Ferrando, Raffaele Romano, Narciso Bresciani, Elisabetta Oneto, John Bai, Raimondo Masu, Stefano Sevegnani, Vorticerosa, Roger_Ranko, Massimo Costantini, Emanuele Magri, Paolo Carnevale, Maria Amalia Cangiano, Ferdinando Gatto, Francesco Zaccone.


Headline: Basa_Menti

Inaugurazione 11 April at 18,00 with Open Talk

"Social and Public Art similarities and differences"

Council Room

Periodo: 11 - 27 April

Place: Council of State 2, City of Milan, Viale Zara 100

Aperto da lunedì a sabato 9,00 –18,00

For info:

Cell. 3357689814



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