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Conduttori del Corso:
Valerio Finessi e Nereo Rapetti registi e montatori professionisti per RAI e Televisione Svizzera Italiana con esperienza didattica svolta presso istituzioni varie tra cui Civica Scuola del Cinema del Comune di Milano.
Durata del corso 40 hours
divisi in 3 week-end (sabato e domenica)


The course structure and’ conceived in two distinct parts to provide you with the knowledge needed to deal with the final realization with a practical test.


It deepens the knowledge of the audiovisual language through the analysis of some films, documentaries, emphasizing the use of frame, plans, sound, assembly and production flow.
Approach to the technical means available to the course (digital cameras, phones and iPods, cameras, computer for mounting) to discover the limits and potential’ for productive use correct.


The knowledge assumed in the previous part are put to use with the making of a film which will be’ devoted most of the available hours of the course.
The participants, divided into working groups, each develop their own audiovisual project: from the writing of the subject, the preparation and planning of the shoot, Finally, the practical realization of the same and their final assembly with the mounting (audio mixing and titration).


The course’ addressed to adults and young people who, for passion or need’ working – such as teachers, educators, etc.. – want to have to navigate through the language of moving images or to document the reality’ their surroundings or simply tell stories.

The goal is not’ to create the technical professionals of the video, but that of favoring a capacity’ critical decoding of the messages that the various media are sending us daily, putting participants in a position to work practically with the tools that technology provides (mainly with the media on the market of semi-) to manage an audiovisual project from its conception to its realization.

At the end of the course will release CityArt’ participants with a certificate of participation in the course.

The number of course participants: minimum 15 / maximum 20.

3 incontri nel week-end

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 January 2013 from 10 to 17

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 January 2013 from 10 to 17

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 January 2013 from 10 to 18

Parte teorico-pratica

– audiovisual language
– project planning video of a maximum of 5 minutes.

12 hours (1 weekend: 6 hours on Saturdays and 6 hours at Domenica – time 10-17 )
Users divided into 3 (4) groups realize practically the audiovisual.

16 hours (1 weekend: 8 hours on Saturdays and 8 hours at Domenica – time 10-18)
The groups discuss various issues related to video and audio editing. Each group completes the assembly of the images created in the previous step.

The cost is 300 € for each participant.

A provision of the course 3 3 cameras and Apple's Mac computers with editing programs FinalCutPro, Premiere, Vegas.
Participants can in turn use its own.

for info and registration:


Mobile. 3472768735

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