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Geographies dell'Abitare


Just wondering about what makes dense and defines a "place" and therefore observation of what happens in the streets, in the streets, in skyscrapers, in suburbs, of all that at first glance seems only disorder, you can seize the spaces and moments that anticipate new forms of past and present and between present and future.
Where life claims its right to give meaning to the spaces and a city that has become a metropolis reticular, conflict of identities and differences, of knowledge and power, inside and out, of unity and multiplicity, of autochthony and otherness, together foam subway, outside the city and anti-city and mixture of ethnic groups, towns and cities trivial dream. And for this continues to be a place of relationships, a living organism in which languages, stories, different ways of being and dwell are in contact, generating new circulations of sense. publisher cub scout from the library 30 August 2012


Eleonora Fiorani epistemologa and essayist, deals with the new sciences of complexity and those of anthropology and communication. Investigated objects, materials, the territoriality, the imaginary of post-modern societies.
His latest books are The world of objects (2001), The new condition of life (2003), Inhabit the body (2010 II and. expand), Views of contemporary (2009 II and. expand), Fashion, body, imaginary (2006), Grammar communication (2006, III and. updated), Unlike the twentieth century (2007), Erranze and trasalimenti (2009), The skin of the design (with B. Del Curto and C. Passaro, 2010).
He contributes to magazines and has organized conferences and exhibitions on interdisciplinary themes. Teaches anthropology at the Politecnico di Milano and Semiotics IED and NABA.

In Chapter “Living walls” there is a long quote of SITART given below.


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