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Projects Installations Censored

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Projects Installations censored

A month after the inauguration, when artists had already made the work, Milan City Council has eliminated installations Federico De Leonardis, Fernanda Fedi-Gino Gini, Pine Lia, Andrea Zanotti, without explanation about.
A request for clarification we are told: "…the public display of works of art is subject to the opinion of the Directors. We would like to remind you also that Piazza Fontana is a particularly sensitive, and therefore the treatment of subjects exposed should not create disturbances or interpretations that may affect the project. "

Some questions arise: who decided what work was suitable to the project PLAZA? Why this decision came so late, long after the artists have spent time, work and money to complete the works which they considered properly admitted? This choice that has the flavor of a diktat imposed seems not to be a critical evaluation or logistics but from a choice of political expediency.

The artist Enrico Cazzaniga with his installation "wallstreet" – a road, simbolo di comunicazione e libertà – symbolically include the works that have been eliminated. Although art has allowed us to break down the walls and create opportunities for communication between European countries and the world, power legitimized continues to erect invisible barriers that prevent the realization of the freedom desired by those who fought to get it.
The art is never neutral towards reality and not merely an aesthetic embellishment of the existing.
SITART, that has promoted events of urban and public art as CONTACT and RiGiraLArte, uses public space as a laboratory of creativity that transforms the places in a theater of emotions.

federico de leonardis

Federico De Leonardis “Shadow cones”

andrea zanotti

Andrea Zanotti “Tubular wall”

pine lia

Pine Lia “MemoRingSquare”

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